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Tankcontainer Repair

İsmet Yılmaz Logistics has established a special maintenance workshop for the repair and maintenance of Tankcontainers in the logistics facilities it has established on a 10.000 m2 land in the Dilovası Region. With its specialised personnel trained abroad, it carries out the repair, maintenance and revision of Tankcontainers.

Container Heating

With the steam and hot water units installed in the Logistics Centre in the Dilovası Region, İsmet Yılmaz Logistics provides Tankcontainer and Land tanker heating services. Heating services with steam and hot water are provided at high quality standards with the latest technology, equipment and trained teams in order to ensure the recovery of chemicals that lose their fluidity in time due to adverse weather conditions and product properties. 24/7 service is provided at our facilities, where 4 tank container can be simultaneously heated.


İsmet Yılmaz Logistics aims at decreasing its customers' total operation costs along the supply chain and improving their processes. Non-customs storage service is provided in 5,000 m2 outdoor and 2,000 m2 covered storage areas in the Dilovası Region. İsmet Yılmaz Logistics provides Full-Empty, Box, Tank, Flexi, container storage in the outdoor storage area and storage for Chemicals and other product groups in the covered area. Together with all these services it offers its customers simultaneous inventory management and stock monitoring management.


İsmet Yılmaz Logistics aims at adding value to its customers along the entire supply chain and providing a greater effectiveness and efficiency to its customers at each point of the process. To this end, special non-customs handling services such as barrelling, IBC, labelling and packaging in outdoor or covered areas are provided.