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International Quality Standards

Since 1970, when it was founded, İsmet YILMAZ Logistics has adopted its quality understanding and has given importance to certifying its modern logistics services through quality standards on this voyage of quality. In 2004 it obtained the Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate and has been accredited by the British Ukas Accreditation corporation. . Not sufficing with this, it initiated infrastructure works for applications to the accredited CEFIC-SQAS of the European Chemicals Industrialists Association "Cefic" in 2013. It started all its Quality Management works and gave importance to the adoption of this philosophy at the company. In all of the equipment it used it has first and foremost adopted quality, and has carried out all of its investments in accordance with these quality standards.

ADR Transportation

Hazardous substances transportation is a mode of transportation that requires specialisation and experience. In addition to shipping one product from one point to the other, one also transports risks and hazards. Due to being a transportation process requiring top level specialisation and experience, incorrect and uninformed transportation may cause great harm to the environment and to humans. Since ADR is a very comprehensive application from transportation to storage, handling and labelling, transportation and storage are the most important links of this chain. Although certain work has been carried out in our country with respect to ADR standards for a long time, it was only by 24 October 2013 when a concrete step was taken and a related regulation was published. The last point achieved has also brought with it certain problems. Acting with foresight, İsmet Yılmaz Logistics has completed this process many years ago, making efforts to minimise the problems. It has structured all of its infrastructure and investments in keeping with world standards with respect to Hazardous Substance Transportation due to having carried out transportation to many point of the world, particularly Europe, thus having successfully completed the certification process.

İsmet Yılmaz Logistics has been carrying out transportation using ADR vehicles for many years. Having entered a transition phase with the new regulation, İsmet Yılmaz Logistics' greatest problem is the unfair competition caused by carriers who provide transportation using vehicles without ADR and offering lower prices. It is believed that these new arrangements and the transition period shall put an end to unfair competition as well as transportation that violates quality standards and threatens human and environmental health. Today, 35.000 tankers are known to exist in Turkey while only 3,500 - 4,000 or these have ADR. These numbers show that the transition to the new regulation will be rather difficult. In other words, adopting the ADR standards and the compliance process is in direct proportion to the value you place in environmental awareness and quality management.

ADR Written Instructions 2013                                             

Carriage of Hazardous Substances Over Land                     

Land Compulsory Hazardous Substances Insurance          

Hazardous Substance Laws According To Modes